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Foto Friday

Weekend at the pumkin patch

Writer's Block: Take me out

Have you ever gotten involved with a co-worker or classmate? How did it work out?

I was a manager of a flower shop and the general manager hired a cute college student driver. He was 20 and I was 27. I ended up being his boss at our second location. We have been married for 3 years and we have a 9 month old son together!

first Ultrasound

We went in yesterday for our first ultrasound. Everything looked perfect :) The heart rate was 165 bpm and could be seen very easily. I cried but tried to keep it pulled together. My husband is very excited and was shocked that we were able to see the heart beating. The pictures just look like little globby peanuts...with a beating heart! The tech couldn't determine which end was the head and the butt (tail) lol. I go to the GI doc in a couple weeks because my liver enzymes were elevated and some tests must have came back wonky.

Dec. 2nd, 2006

So now the docs have found a growth on my heart and lesions on my brain. I'm so angry! I'm angry at the doc that told me I was too healthy to be seen by a rheumetologist. I'm angry at my mom for not paying attention to the litle cues to my illness when I was a kid. I'm angry because everyone keeps treating me like it's not that bad and it could be worse. Can't someone just look at me and say that sucks. I'd be pissed off also. Why don't you take a few days to feel sorry for yourself. Cry as much as you need to. I wont ask what's wrong. It should be obvious I've been dealt a shitty hand. I'm tired of trying to be thankful that I'm not worse. I'll do better I just need to be sad.

I'm new

Okay, I've been typing my little heart out since I found this whole lj thing but I never introduced myself. How rude of me. My name is Nichole and my dx is usually very mild Lupus. I worked for the Colorado State parks when I was in high school. Lots of sun, funny rash, very tired and a misdiagnoses of acne. You guys know the drill. The docs in Colorado went crazy over all of my bizarre blood work and actually asked me to donate some for study at the University of Colorado. They better name the cure after me! Anyway, I was put on pred. at 17 and had crazy side effects that I never told anyone about because they always treated me like a hypochondriac. I went into remission and off my meds. Four years later during a painful divorce I had a serious flare that involved my kidneys. More pred because plaquenil makes me very sick. I flared for about 4 years but went into remission again. I'm having a flare right now but my doc. hasn't seen it on paper yet. I'm hoping for meds soon because I'm sooooo tired. I work full time, am a single parent and I go to school part time.

I want to thank everyone who helped prepare me for my mri yesterday. It was cake probably because I knew what to expect.

Yesterday my light bulb went on. Three months ago I was put on high doses of BC pills for medical reasons. My headaches turned into an every day thing and my hair started falling out. In the last few weeks my joints have been hurting, and as I mentioned, I am really tired. Any thoughts on this?


Okay, I've repeated a bunch of entries. I'm not losing it yet but I'm still figuring this thing out.
I think I'm having my first flare in over four years! I went to the doc when my hair started falling out. They ran a bunch of blood work and onluy found a mild uti and my sed rate is 40. How bad is that? I have to go back next week for more blood work and an mri for my headaches. I am so tired every day!
Does anyone know of certain foods that are benneficial to people with Lupus or even

more tired every day!

I'm pretty sure I'm having my first flare in over four years. It's a shock because I've been well for so long. I wake up every day and feel a little worse. My hands ache a little more every day and my neck is really sore and stiff. It's not even 9 in the morning and I'm already soooo tired.

feeling down

I think I'm having a flare. My hair is falling out, I'm really tired, I've had a fever for like four months and my neck and hands ache. I am especially upset because I've been in remission since 2001. Doctors ran a bunch of tests and only found a uti and my sed rate is 40. They put me on antibiotics for the uti last week but I'm feeling worse.

Okay, enough whining!! I was wondering if anyone knows of a diet that is supposed to help lupus or knows of things I shouldn't eat because they can make my symptoms worse.

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